Frequently Asked Questions

Choose from the drop down menu to find answers for many of your questions regarding our services. For further information please call us at 215-389-8687.

Philadelphia Trolly & The Big Bus Company Tours

Q: What are the differences between the Big Bus and trolley tours?
A:   The tours follow the same route and you may board either tour vehicle throughout the day. The only difference is the vehicle style.

Q: When do the Big Bus / Trolley Tours Operate?
A:   The tours operate 363 days per year, weather permitting. They are closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Q: When do the Trolleys and the Big Buses run during the tour day?
A:   The weather determines how many trolleys and big bus vehicles we operate each day. There is generally always a minimum of one of each vehicle on tour. During the peak season there are more double decker buses to take advantage of the beautiful weather and panoramic views. In the colder months and when the weather is rainy you may find only trolleys operating for the comfort of our guests.

Q: Where can I buy Trolley / Big Bus Tickets to tour Philadelphia?
A:   Tickets can be purchased at the following locations: On-line at our website, On board any vehicle, Most hotel concierge desks and the Independence Visitors Center.

Q: Do you Take Credit Cards?
A:   Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Q: How often do the tours depart from Stop # 1?
A:   The tours generally depart every 30 minutes from May through November. They depart every hour December through April. However on busy days we increase departure frequency.

Q: Do you pick-up guests at hotels?
A:   Our complimentary shuttle van will pick guests up at all Center City, Airport and City Line Avenue hotels. Please call our office at 215-389-TOUR (8687) to schedule a pick-up.

Q: Where can I Park?
A:   There are several parking garages near the Independence Mall Area. They are located at 6th & Arch Street underneath the Visitor’s Center, 4th & Ranstead Street behind the Bourse Building and 11th & Filbert Street (stop 5).

Q: Can I get off the Trolley / Bug Bus and reboard again?
A:   Yes, your 24 or 48 hour pass allows you to get off and on as often as you like during the time period of your ticket.

Q: Do I need a ticket to board and reboard?
A:   Yes, you must have a valid ticket to board our vehicles.

Q: Are pets allowed on board the tour?
A:   NO, only service animals may ride on our tour vehicles.

76 Carriage Company Horse Drawn Tours

Q: Where can I find a carriage tour?
A:   The main carriage stands are located at 5th & Chestnut Streets next to Independence Hall or at 6th & Market streets across from the Independence Visitors Center.

Q: How can I purchase a carriage tour ride?
A:   Carriage tours can be purchased on our website, Ticket sales trolleys located at 5th & Market Streets and 12th & Filbert Streets, The Independence Visitors Center, or directly from a carriage driver. Be sure to look for 76 Carriage Company logo on your carriage before purchasing a ride.

Q: How can I tell 76 Carriages from other companies?
A:   All 76 Carriages have a company logo on the side of the carriage. Our drivers are dressed in black and white company uniform. Be sure to ask for us by name when selecting your carriage.

Q: When do the carriages operate?
A:   The carriages operate 7 days per week, 363 days per year. They do not operate on Christmas Day or New Year's Day.

Q: When do the carriages not operate?
A:   The carriages must go home by 3:30 pm each weekday. They also go home when the temperature exceeds 91°F or is below 26°F Wind Chill.

Q: Can I make a reservation for a special event?
A:   Yes, we recommend carriage reservations for weddings, proms, and other important events. All rides requiring a pick-up or drop-off at a location other than our carriage stand need a special event permit. Please give us 5-7 days advance notice for this type of service. We also recommend reservations for our popular evening rides around some of Philadelphia’s favorite attractions. PLease call us at 215-923-8516 or email us a request a quote form.

Q: What kind of horses are used to pull the carriages?
A:   76 Carriage Company uses a variety of different breeds of horses for their carriage tours. The majority of our horses are draft horses or draft-cross horses. Our horses weigh an average of 1600 lbs with several weighing up to 2000 lbs. They are capable of easily pulling at least 3 times their body weight.

Q: Where do the horses live?
A:   During most of the year the horse live at stables located a few miles from Center City Philadelphia. They have large, spacious stalls and two different paddocks to run and play on their days off. Each horse gets a vacation at our Lancaster County farm for several months each year.

Q: What do the horses eat?
A:   Each horse has his own diet which includes plenty of hay and water. They also receive oats or horse chow, mineral supplements and electrolytes which is similar to Gatorade for horses. For treats they are fond of carrots and apples.

Q: What happens to the horses when they are done working?
A:   Once our carriage horses are retired and their job of guiding tourists around Philadelphia’s sights and attractions is done, most go to live on farms to spend their old age having fun. Some have gone to be companion horses or to live at small local petting zoos. 76 Carriage Company supports Blue Star Equiculture a draft horse sanctuary and retirement farm in Palmer, MA. Blue Star is currently the retirement home for Bud, Mike and Tom former 76 Carriage Company horses.

Q: Do the horses like their job?
A:   Yes, our horses receive extensive training to allow them to adjust to city traffic. They work only at a walk and receive excellent care. Each horse has its own carriage driver and they become a team working together. The horses enjoy being groomed and bathed and receiving treats from their drivers.

General Questions

Q: Where are your offices located?
A:   Our administrative offices are located at 1350 Schuylkill Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19146. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.

Q: What are your telephone office hours?
A:   Our offices are open 7 days per week from 8:00 am until 5:30 pm.

Q: What is the fax number?
A:   Please send faxes to 215-389-1279.

Q: How far can the buses and trolleys travel?
A:   Our motor coaches can travel throughout the United States. The trolleys can travel throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Q: How do I reserve a trolley or motorcoach for a special event?
A:   Please call our offices to speak with one of our reservation specialists. They may be reached at 215-389-8687. You may also complete a request a quote fomr and email it to us.

Q: How do I reserve a horse drawn carriage for a special event?
A:   Please call our offices to speak with one of our reservation specialists. They may be reached at 215-923-8516. You may also complete a request a quot form and email it to us.